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Welcome to my website.  If you are interested in finding the quickest, most cost effective way to make lasting change, you’ve come to the right place.  My name is Dave Skidmore and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, whose practice is therapeutic in nature.  This is not to be confused with a stage hypnotist whose primary purpose is entertainment.


I think a little background would help you understand where I’m coming from.  In my late twenties I was seeking a way to take a business I’d started to to next level.  The business was in a very competitive industry.  At the time, getting the business off the ground felt like trying to make a hummingbird fly.  As you may know, a hummingbird flaps its wings up to 200 times a second to get off the ground and fly.  To add to the the challenge my wife’s mother had passed away at the young age of 58 with colon cancer.  My wife understandably was deeply upset and affected by this.  This added a lot of stress to our household.  We had two small children at the time along with house payments and all the usual expenses.  I was really feeling a lot of pressure to make my new business successful.


I attended many expensive self-help seminars put on by the hottest gurus at the time.  Many of them are still around today.  The information was always very general in nature to appeal to the widest audience possible and to make the most money possible for the guru.  There was always a lot of hype involved.   One of these gurus required a lot of jumping up and down along with hugging the person next to you.  I’m sure you can guess which guru I’m referring to.  Within a week, most of the positive effects always faded away along with the cost of the seminar.


What I really needed was specific help in my own situation, not generalized help.  My breakthrough came through when I discovered an old book on how to do self-hypnosis.  What I learned is that we are all programmed from a very young age to react to situations on a subconscious level.  I’ve heard the claim that 96% of your actions and responses are pre-programmed.  This programming resides in your subconscious mind.  That leaves 4% which you have conscious control over.  This explains why it’s often a losing battle to overcome certain habits or reactions you’d like to change.  It takes a tremendous amount of repetition to change old patterns and programming.


I created my first self hypnosis recording the night before my mother-in-law’s funeral and started listening to it every night just prior to falling asleep.  The results were nothing short of amazing.  To make a long story short, the hummingbird flew.   I still own that business 27 years later, although I’m not actively involved on a day to day basis. 


I quickly discovered that I had a real knack for helping others with this reprogramming process.  I started helping key employees and my top salespeople to create their own recordings to play every night just prior to falling asleep.  They all made positive gains quickly and almost effortlessly.  For years I coached youth all star basketball teams and worked with some of my top players (with their parents approval of course) to create self-hypnosis recordings for them.  These kids were already the best players in the area when they were selected for my team. I noticed teenagers took to the process easily and it is just as effective for them.  Their parents were always surprised at how quickly these teenagers basketball skills and confidence improved.  As a result, some of the parents asked me to help them with some of their personal challenges using this reprogramming process.


There is a point in everyone’s life where they ask themselves what is the best way I can contribute to the lives of others.  I decided to take the most powerful tool I’ve discovered in this lifetime to make lasting change and focus on helping others with this process.  I found what I consider to be the best Hypnotherapy school in the country to sharpen the skills I’d already developed.  My certification required 500 hours of classroom study which is about 3 times what the typical training requires. 


I approach Hypnotherapy quite a bit differently than others in my industry.  I provide a free initial discovery meetings to discuss what you’d like to work on and make sure it fits within the scope of my service. If it is something that I feel I can help you and you feel comfortable, then we will proceed. Our first session will consist of approximately one hour on the phone where I will ask you a lot of questions to so I can better understand where you’ve been and what goal you want to achieve.  Then I carefully prepare a customized script for you designed to change how you respond to events and situations as they arise in your life.  Then I spend at a minimum, one hour writing a personalized script for you because each word is important. I then professionally record this with soothing background music so that you will look forward to listening to it every day.  My clients and the people around them are usually surprised by the positive changes that start taking effect almost immediately.


Most hypnotherapists typically want to sign you up for 5 or more sessions and  go into a lot of regression into your childhood or even past life regression.  Although that can be a good place for some people, I take a more direct, practical approach.  My top priority is to help you start making positive changes right away.  Your most important issue usually comes up fairly quickly by asking the right questions.  The challenge is changing the programming you are saddled with.  Multiple hypnotherapy sessions will fade in time just like attending a seminar with one of the expensive self-help gurus.


The key is repetition of a carefully worded recording created just for you.  Most hypnotherapists will make a recording on the fly for an extra fee if you ask. They are typically just a recording from one of your live sessions which usually isn’t carefully worded for you.  My goal after our first session is to create a professional recording that will get exceptional results as long as you listen to it once a day.  Most of my clients meet with me monthly on the phone after the first consultation to create a new recording to continue improving the quality of their life. 


Most of the people I work with are referrals from satisfied clients.  I’m not interested in promoting my practice through landing pages, the free E-book/recording and the usual internet mass marketing that has become so prevalent.  I’ve been a successful businessman most of my career.  I know many of the marketing “tricks” and choose not to participate.  I sincerely would like to help you make positive changes in your life quickly and for a reasonable personal investment. 


If you are interested, please take a moment and fill out the contact form on this site. Please include a brief explanation of the issue or positive change you’d like to make in your life.  If it sounds like an issue I can help you with, I’ll set up a free 20 minute Skype or phone consultation.


I look forward to meeting you on Skype soon.


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