Choose from any of the packages below or hourly options available.

60 Day Satisfaction - Money Back Guarantee
after receipt of any affirmational recording prepared you.  I am confident that if you listen to the recording daily in a relaxed state you will get positive results.





20 minute exploratory meeting on Skype or phone

Must be scheduled in advance. I’m typically available for those meetings on Tuesday or Thursday from 3pm - 6pm Pacific time.




One Custom Recorded and Scripted Affirmational Program

It is to be paid for in advance via an emailed Paypal invoice before an appointment is scheduled.  The program includes:


  1. An emailed  worksheet to help you prepare for our consultation in advance.

  2. A one hour consultation with me where I will ask you lots of questions to prepare for the next  step.

  3. I then spend at least an hour carefully preparing a written script for your recording.  It will include your desired outcome as if you’ve already achieved it.  It will also include affirmative statements to assist you in achieving your desired outcome.  It will also include affirmations for stress reduction and relaxation along with anything else that I believe would assist you.

  4. I then prepare an MP3 recording using your personal script with soothing background music.  The end product is usually emailed to you within 3 days of our consultation session.  It is best to make a separate playlist on your smartphone and include the recording in it, just like you would a song that you’ve downloaded.  You then listen to it one or more times a day in a relaxed or meditative state, with your eyes closed. It is important that you listen when you won’t be disturbed. Many find wearing an eyeshade helps them get into a relaxed state more quickly.  It is not to be listened to while driving or during any other activity that requires conscious attention.




3 Custom Affirmational Programs

which can include your first program, to be paid for in advance billed via emailed Paypal invoice.  This lowers your cost per session to $195.  My clients typically do these sessions monthly for continuous improvement and accelerated results.  Each affirmational recording builds on the last one.  I provide a money back guarantee at any time on unused programs.




Hourly Rate

For coaching and consultation outside of custom affirmational programs.







Tel: 520-247-4334

Skype: daveskidmore 

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