In my client's words:

I contacted Dave to help me deal with my divorce and the many issues that surround that.  In addition to running a business, I also compete in ironman triathlon events around the country. I am astounded by the monumental paradigm shift which has taken place within me since our initial session.  Every 30 days we meet on the phone for an hour.  We discuss what has occurred in the past 30 days and issues that are blocking my ability to achieve my goals and improve the quality of my life.  Dave then scripts and prepares an audio recording which I listen to daily right before I fall asleep.  Sometimes I listen to it during the day when I need mental break. I always wake up energized and more sure of my path in life.  I’ve sought help from counselors, psychics and even certain friends.  Dave’s recordings have had the biggest effect on my well-being. I am grateful for his recordings and the emotional healing that is taking place each day.



I was feeling a lot of anxiety being around the people I work with and also certain family members.  This stress was affecting my ability to get a good night's sleep.  With Dave’s recording I can now sleep freely and have resolved the issues that triggered my anxiety at work and in certain family situations. Once in awhile I wake up in the middle of the night and am feeling anxious.  I turn on Dave’s recording and quickly fall back asleep.  Dave is great to work with and I highly recommend him.”



I am going through a divorce after a long term marriage.  Although my kids are grown there of many family issues I am dealing with.  My confidence and self worth really took a hit as a result of going through this.  I am on my third monthly recording now and my confidence and self esteem have  made big improvements.  I’m also sleeping better which is a nice unintended benefit.   If you work with him, I think you will be happy with the results.



I was feeling stuck in my current job and was lacking the motivation to go out a find a better one.  My energy level wasn’t up to speed either and I was exercising less and less.  I came to Dave and he made made a recording for me that I listened to daily.  Almost immediately I started working out again at the gym.  I got my weight back to my normal level and my energy and confidence back up to speed.  A month later I updated my resume and started searching for a better job.  Three months after our first consultation and receiving my MP3 recording I landed a better job that I look forward to going to every day


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